Invasive Exotic Plant Monitoring in Capitol Reef National Park: Field Seasons 2009-2012

images[2] Invasive exotic plant (IEP) species are a significant threat to natural ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, and controlling them is a high priority for the National Park Service. The Northern Colorado Plateau Network (NCPN) selected the early detection of IEPs as one of 10 monitoring protocols to be implemented as part of its long-term monitoring program. This report documents invasive plant infestations detected at Capitol Reef National Park during 2012. It also covers all work completed from 2009 to 2012, which represents the first full rotation of desired monitoring routes and presents a rotational panel for future monitoring. During surveys conducted from 2009 to 2012, Capitol Reef National Park staff detected 14 IEP species on monitoring routes and transects comprising 94 kilometers along Cathedral Valley Road, Highway 24, Pleasant Creek, Oak Creek, and the Scenic Drive.Personal Author D. Perkins G. Lenhart For more info please
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