Developing a High Throughput Protocol for using Soil Molecular Biology as Trace Evidence. Final Technical Report

Soil has a long and successful history as trace evidence. Originally, the use of soil as trace evidence was accomplished via light microscopy. But the value of soil as trace evidence has expanded significantly with the development of new techniques. Most recently these include using the biochemical molecules from soil microbial communities to make a fingerprint of the specific soil. The current research examines the changes to the microbial community profile that take place during storage of a soil sample. The purpose of this research was to determine the optimal conditions for storing soil when using biochemical molecules as trace evidence. The examination of the soil microbial biochemical molecules was divided into two sections: DNA profiles and fatty acid profiles.  Publication Number:  PB2013106266/www.ntis.govbiochem[1]

Personal Author C. Bailey D. O. Carter R. A. Drijber S. Larson



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