Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits of the World-Database and Grade and Tonnage Models.

Image9All sediment-hosted gold deposits (as a single population) share one characteristicthey all have disseminated micron-sized invisible gold in sedimentary rocks. Sediment-hosted gold deposits are recognized in the Great Basin province of the western United States and in China along with a few recognized deposits in Indonesia, Iran, and Malaysia. Three new grade and tonnage models for sediment-hosted gold deposits are presented in this paper: (1) a general sediment-hosted gold type model, (2) a Carlin subtype model, and (3) a Chinese subtype model. These models are based on grade and tonnage data from a database compilation of 118 sediment-hosted gold deposits including a total of 123 global deposits.
Personal Author Berger, V. I.; Mosier, D. L.; Bliss, J. D.; Moring, B. C.
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