Comment on ‘Mode Conversion of Waves in the Ion-Cyclotron Frequency Range in Magnetospheric Plasmas

imagesCAXAYMHCRecently, Kazakov and FOulOop (1) studied mode conversion (MC) at the ion-ion hybrid (IIH) resonance in planetary magnetospheric plasmas by simplifying the dispersion relation of the fast wave (FW) modes to describe a cutoff-resonance (CR) pair near the IIH resonance, which can be reduced to a Budden problem. They suggested that when the IIH resonance frequency (omegas) approaches the crossover frequency (omega cr), and the parallel wavenumber (k bar bar) is close to the critical wavenumber (k star bar bar)(omega s= omega cr), MC can be efficient for arbitrary heavy ion density ratios.
Author: E. H. Kim J. R. Johnson
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