Compact, Low-Cost Body Cavity Screening Device. Final Report

Electric field tomography (EFT) was investigated as a method for developing a low-cost, non-invasive body cavity screening device. Initial detection and operational requirements were developed from discussions with California Department of Corrections personnel and their counterparts in the western United States. A laboratory prototype system was developed with fixed receive and transmit nodes. Images were reconstructed from both experimental and simulated data and were shown to be in good agreement. In order to overcome the inherent low resolution of EFT, a novel multi-frequency method was developed where images acquired over frequency range of 1 MHz to 20 MHz were used to build a linear model and decompose the different object types (for example: muscle, bone, plastic) in the image. The feasibility of the multi-frequency EFT method was demonstrated with simulated data, and finally with actual images. The designs for new prototype employing switching transceiver nodes were finalized.
Personal Author E. Magnuson
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