Dimensional Review of Scales for Forensic Photography.

images[3]Scales for forensic photography provide a geometrical reference in the photographic documentation of evidence. A common scale used by investigators is a plastic, L-shaped ruler that allows for a dimensional reference in the photographic documentation of evidence or a crime scene. The ABFO No. 2 Standard Reference Scale has received recognition by the forensic science community as a reliable and accurate reference scale; however, we have surveyed commercially available scales and found a lack of consistency in manufacturing processes and, consequently a lack of strict adherence to the standard. This study seeks to evaluate the quality of commercially available photo scales, document manufacturing processes, and suggest pathways for establishing standards for forensic photo scales that will serve as a means for ensuring accuracy and user confidence. Personal Author J. A. Neiman J. P. Jones M. Ferrucci R. Thompson S. M. Ballou T. D. Doiron
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